Chromo Paper One side coated papers 65-175 Labels, Poster, Magazine covers, Calenders.
Chromo card/Board One Side Coated Board  180 & Above  Cartons, Posters, Covers for Paperbacks, Paper bags.
Enamel Board One Side Coated Board 280 & Above High quality cartons for better print reproduction & gloss.
Label Papers UNO Range One side coated papers 70 & above High quality labels especially for UV & LACQUER coating to give enhanced print gloss to compete with Poly laminates.
UNO PLUS Coated papers One side coated papers Hi-gloss / Hi –brite 75 & above Import substitute for value added end Product giving high quality print reproductions.
Art Paper Two side coated papers 70-175 Books, Brochures, Annual reports, Leaflets.
Art card / Board Two side coated boards 180 & above Danglers, Promotional, greeting cards, cartons.
EXOTICA Coated papers Two side coated papers 90 & above High quality precision products requiring higher degree of print reproduction & brightness, gloss.
EXOTICA PLUS Coated papers Two side coated papers 90 & above High gloss / High brightness.
LWC Papers for Heatest /Coldset Web Offset Light Weight Coated Papers 65 & Above Comics, Story books with an aim to reduce cost by reducing gsm & give good print with high bulk.
Matt Finish Paper  Two Side Coated Papers 90 & Above Low gloss with high degree print reproduction & brightness.
Coated Paper (Spl.) Coated Paper 65 & Above Especially engineered to your specifications.
Fluorescent Dazzle Papers Coloured &fluorescent coated Paper 70 & Above Display, Greeting Cards, Invitation colour separators.
ARSR Papers  One Side Coated Papers 65 & Above Suitable for soap wrappers.
Battery Grade Papers One Side Coated Papers 85 Suitable for batteries.
Label Base Papers Sized Papers White/Coloured 41 & Above For silicone coating.
Graphic Paper/ COLORX Coated Papers 80 & Above For inkjet printers, colour-copy, etc.
Barrier Barrier Plus Coated Papers 75 & Above For Barrier coated packaging.
Colored Paper 1 or 2 side colored Paper 80-400 Wedding cards, child craft kits, directories.
Coated Kraft Paper 1 side coated craft Paper 100-350 Cartons, paper bags, POP, etc.

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